Why Us?

Because for more than a decade we have been setting the standard for Product quality, reliability, innovation and performance. Our product produces that wow response for our customers and expresses consumer’s personality and lifestyle. Our commitment to you is to provide the best styles and the highest industry quality products. Our Customer service is not for a year or two but we are committed in providing Lifetime Service without any charge.


To dedicatedly provide the highest quality product at the fairest price and continue to be innovative with up-to-date technologies for serving the worlds standards and purpose with efficient use of sustainable energy.


To be the most reliable brand by achieving loyalty and trust that lasts for a lifetime.


Our zero tolerance with Quality and Standard of our products is a result of our hard work, dedication and integrity and we have been continuing to abide by this moral so that we can provide our customers a lifelong satisfaction. Besides that, our values pillaring the main idea of:

  • Customer Gratification
  • Business Ethics
  • Trustworthiness
  • Revolution

Innovation and Future Prospects:

We want to continue our mission being Tech Savvy and innovative. We want to bring in market more products that people can rely upon and also serve the society with efficient use of sustainable energy. We want to continue growing and create more jobs to serve the community with minimal unemployment. The future waits for us to be bold, responsive, innovative, global, humane and bright, because we believe our future is bright.


We are the pioneer of introducing latest technologies in the Fan Manufacturing Industries of Bangladesh adapting the knowledge from our collaborators. The Machinery installed at our factory, are at par with those installed at manufacturing industries in technologically advanced countries like Pakistan, China, Taiwan, Vietnam etc. And to provide modern products to our customers, we at G.F.C, are continuously engaged in bringing in cutting-edge technologies to our country and continue to evolve our production process to set the highest standards in the Industry.


Our commitment to the country is our quality and because we are truly committed, we care about our country people, their average budget and also worry about production of energy conserving fans. Special raw materials for energy saving fans being used include Electrical Silicon Steel Sheet, Pure Enameled Copper Wire, High Quality Ball Bearings and Aerodynamically Designed fan Blades, made on most modern plants with a highly qualified labor force. To safeguard our incomparable quality, an ensure unparalleled performance, our products are tested several times before they are ready for the market.